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Latest News: PEARL FOUNDATION is organizing “Pearl Educational Excellence Award for Higher Education in India for the Year 2020” and a “National Conference on SMART SUMMIT-2021”

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PEARL – A Foundation for Educational Excellence will produce a world leader in the integration of (a) teaching and learning, (b) advancement of the knowledge base through research and (c) leadership in service and outreach. Further, the PEARL – A Foundation for Educational Excellence will be a world leader in preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society. It also will teach the professional skills and vision, the knowledge of other disciplines of human achievement, and the commitment to lifelong learning needed to succeed in a global society while contributing to their communities.

One of the initiatives of the PEARL – A Foundation for Educational Excellence will be presenting Educational Excellence Awards to schools, educationists, administrators, teachers and students in recognition of their vital contributions in the field of education and excellence in the various academic, administrative, sports and extra-curricular activities. Leaders from private, Government and public educational institutions, policy makers, representatives from the Government and key people from sector affiliates, assemble to recognize and applaud the achievements of the best educational institutions, administrators, teachers, students and other people. Each award recognizes excellence and contribution of any type in the field of education, which is intended to produce a significant positive impact in the society and in turn contribute to the well-being of our fellow citizens.




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